Ayo’s Cupcakes

Cupcakes are the perfect addition to any event! They can be customised to suit your chosen theme and are easily distributed amongst your guests.

Choose your flavour

Vanilla | Chocolate | Spice | Carrot & Coconut | Coconut & Lime | Banana (w/ peanut butter or spice) |

    Choose your Icing

Butter icing | Whipped Cream | Cream Cheese icing | Fondant

    Style your cupcakes

Fondant Topper | Fresh Fruit (Seasonal) | Oreos | Sprinkles | Sugar Balls | Chocolate Pieces | Nuts | Chocolate Truffles ect.

    Choose your size/ Quantity

Regular cupcakes are priced from £1.75 each. (Minimum Order – 24)

Large cupcakes are priced from £2.50 each. (Minimum Order – 12)

There is a minimum order of one dozen per flavour.

Choose your packaging option.

Individual boxes | Boxes of 2 | Boxes of 4 | Boxes of 6 | Boxes of 12

 ayos-cakes-and-bakes-ayos-cupcakes-2    ayos-cakes-and-bakes-ayos-cupcakes-1   ayos-cakes-and-bakes-ayos-cupcakes-3


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